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Artist Statement

Upon the demise of my youth, I became acquainted with the pestering stir of what would one day demand the role of my life’s ambition. What began as a destructive child, slicing my way through reams upon reams of copier paper in an effort to compose functional clothing soon matured into a passion for visual design that has thus refused to be extinguished.

A sensitivity for media and its intrinsic behavioral potential fuels my work. Understanding how particular substances respond to various applications often becomes the ‘featured player’ within many of my pieces. My work is primarily additive and is executed with precision despite a resulting perception of disorder. Taking a conceptual page from some of the Cubist greats of the early 20th century, I explore unresolved spacial relationships and the fragmentation of organic forms. Layers of opacity and texture juxtaposed against static forms provides an implied sense of tumultuous motion. Highlighting spacial relationships by exploiting the mind’s visual ‘tricks and hacks’ provides an unexpected dynamism that I hope will provoke further intrigue.

In my photographic explorations, I take a similar route. Utilizing chance and the deceiving dimensions of the physical world found in reflections, perspectives and shadows narrates an inquisitive adventure with just the slightest hint of hushed privacy.

The fundamentals of my work are in themselves a question- towing the line between what I like and what I am. Self expression and self discovery are one in the same. My work and I evolve in tandem, endlessly provoking each other to edit and expand while fostering a visual life that is to be warmly savored and enjoyed.

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